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The privacy policy determines and discloses how LearnGrammar.NET (from here on, referred to as “We”, “Us”, and “Our”) gathers, uses, preserves and distributes the information that are collected from users (each visitor, a “User”) of the website (from here on, referred to as the “Site).

Personal Information

By the term “Personal information,” we refer to the type of information with which a person can be identified on a personal level. Such information includes the name, email, phone, social security number, postal address, credit/debit card information, pictures identifying the person, screen name, shopping habits, screen name, social media ID, IP address, education information, professional/career information, etc.

We may collect personal information when users visit our site, fill out a form that includes such information, contact us for customer service, participate in a survey that collects personal information, opt-in in our newsletter subscription, and uses third-party services that require such information.

However, on our site, we may only ask for, as deemed appropriate, name, email, phone number and location. Other personal information shall not be asked by us, and in case of any particular service, we assure to warn the users before asking for such information. As we do not have any commercial product or service, we shall not ask any payment information. Nevertheless, if we bring any commercial service or feature on our site, we promise to update the privacy policy and notify accordingly. Until then, this condition is applicable throughout the site.

We only collect personal information if a user voluntarily submits them to us. Should a user not want to share personal information with us, s/he may browse the site anonymously. However, please be advised, during anonymous browsing, some features of the site might not function properly.

Non-personal Information

By the term “Non-personal Information,” we refer to the type of information with which a person cannot be identified on a personal level. Instead, such information reveals the type of person the visitor or his/her device is. Non-personal information may include the browser type and version, the operating system of the device, device type, size of the screen of the device, internet service, and other technical information.

Sensitive Information

We do not ask for sensitive information (e.g., ethnic or racial identity, religious or other beliefs, political views, medical issues, criminal background, property information, etc.) from our users. If any of our services require any sensitive information, we inform the users about secured channels for sending such sensitive information, and we promise to keep the information private forever. Therefore, do not share such sensitive information anywhere on our site.

Usage of “Cookies”

Our site may use browser cookies to gather device-specific information and to deliver further personalized content to each user. Browsers may save cookies in the hard drive of the users’ devices for keeping records, sometimes for providing statistical data, and for keeping track of the user activities during their visit to our site.

Web browsers usually have cookies enabled. However, users may configure their browsers to refuse cookies or to warn them when browsers intend to save cookies. Nevertheless, if a browser refuses to save cookies, the user might not be able to use the site partially or entirely by using that particular browser.

Usage of Collected Information

We, at LearnGrammar.NET, use the personal and non-personal information, which we collect from our users, solely for the development of the services and for internal interaction with the users. Among other purposes, the following purposes require personal/non-personal information to serve appropriately:

  • To operate and run our site
  • To improve user experience
  • To deliver personalized contents
  • To improve our site
  • To send emails periodically (in case a user willingly opts-in into our subscriber list).

Protection of Collected Information

We implement apposite methods of data collection, processing and storing; and we adopt practical online and offline, internal and external security measures; to protect personal and non-personal user data under our control. To prevent any unwanted/unauthorized access, deletion, alteration, distribution to/of the user data, we use appropriate physical, electronic and managerial security steps.

Sharing User Information

We, at LearnGrammar.NET, never sell, trade, share, or rent any personal information of our users to anyone unless a user consents explicitly otherwise. However, we may share statistical and generic demographical non-personal information to our trusted affiliates and advisors. We may share similar data to third-parties, such as analytics services, or mailing services, for them to be able to assist us in managing our site and providing our services efficiently.  

Newsletter Policy

Should a user explicitly opts-in to our mailing list, we may send service announcements, updates on our services, news related to our services and company, etc.

We may share user information with third-party mailing services that we might use for making our mailing system smooth and easy-to-use. These third-parties may have their individual privacy policy and terms of services. By opting-in to our mailing list and by opening any mail provided via them, a user agrees to comply their privacy policy and terms of uses.

However, a user can always opt-out of our mailing list by following the unsubscribing procedure as detailed below each of our newsletters.


LearnGrammar.NET uses third-party advertisements for keeping the free services alive. The third-party advertisers may use cookies and other information collecting methods, and they may collect, store or distribute user information, where LearnGrammar.NET has no authority. However, we promise to only use trusted advertisers, like Google Adsense, to ensure the safety of our users. To read Google Adsense’s privacy policy, visit this URL:

Nevertheless, we have no control over the advertisements, and we do not hold any liability for any loss or problem that may occur due to the contents of the advertisements.

Use of Site by Children

Though our site contains children-friendly contents, we do not behold any responsibility if children are exposed to unwanted contents due to their inputs/searches on our site, or due to the contents of the advertisements shown by third-parties (as mentioned above in the “Advertising” section). Parents must read and agree to our privacy policy before allowing their children to use our site. Parental guidance during the visits is adviced.

Updating Privacy Policy

LearnGrammar.NET beholds the authority to change/update the privacy policy anytime, without any prior notification or declaration. However, in the event of an update/change in the privacy policy, we will update the date at the end of the page. We may provide a site-wide notice or email our subscribers about the change. However, we are not bound to provide any notice, other than updating the date at the bottom of this page. Therefore, do check the privacy policy page time to time, to see if there is any change in the privacy policy or not.

Acceptance of the Policy

By visiting our site at, or by willingly receiving an email from us, or by using any of our services, or by interacting with us in any possible method, you agree to accept the policy detailed above. If you do not consent to comply with the policy, please refrain from using any of our services or visiting our site. Continued visit of our site or our services does imply that you agree to the latest privacy policy during your interaction with our site or any of our services.

Contact Us

If you wish to contact us regarding the privacy policy, please do not hesitate. We ensure prompt responses/actions to user queries, complaints or suggestions. While contacting us, you may ask the following from us:

  • If you do not wish to hear back from us.
  • If you want to know any information that we might have on you. (This may charge you an administration fee, to cover our time, energy and postal costs.)
  • If you think that we might have wrong or outdated information on you.
  • If you want to report any breach of our privacy policy or security of information.
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