Business English

How to Write a Project Proposal? With Samples

Project Proposals are custom made documents composed by the service provider for their client explaining

Tips and Tricks for Writing Effective Project Proposals

Project Proposals are the service providers’ first step toward signing a new deal with their partners,

7 Steps to Effective Business Communication

Business communications are always goal-oriented, precise and polite but that can make things rigorous

Most Effective Call-to-Action Phrases in Business Emails

Call-to-Action phrases in business emails cannot sound too much like commands or orders for the underlying

Unwritten Rules of Writing Formal Business Emails

Business emails usually contain concise information without unnecessary remarks and word use. Attention

12 Tips and Tricks to Write Formal Emails

Companies and professionals always prefer using standard formal language and etiquette in email communications

How to Ask for Information in Business Emails?

Businesses and business personnel often require extracting certain information from business partners,

Writing Informal Business Emails at Work

Business Emails are almost always written in strictly formal language but there are situations even in

Polite Ways to Disagree in Professional Business Emails

During discussions of decision-making via business emails, one needs to maintain sincerity, politeness

Business Email Writing Best Practices

Business Emails are emails written for business purposes and sent to colleagues, partners or clients

Phrases for Best Formal Email Openings

Always opening formal business emails with the same phrase may not be appropriate or effective under

How to Write Business Emails Professionally With its Types and Samples

Business Emails are all kinds of email communications happening inside the offices and outside. These

How to Write a Relieving Letter?

Relieving Letters are issued to officially relieve an employee of their responsibilities towards the

How to Write an Appointment Letter

When a hierarchical superior or an immediate superior of a company finds an individual eligible enough

How to Write A Welcome Letter

There are many ways to address someone new in the organization; a welcome letter is just the tangible,

How to Write A Sales Letter

What is a Sales Letter, Really? It is a piece of direct mail designed to convince its readers to buy

How to Write A Letter to Inform about Circular

What Are Circular Letters? If a company wants to let its people know about new information and policies

How to Write A Letter of Complaint

A complaint letter is written to inform the recipient of what is wrong with their service or products.

How to Write A Letter for Signing A Contract

A contract letter will represent your business. As much as it needs to be graceful, it needs to be professional.

How to Write A Letter for Payment Collection

A collection letter is a big part of your communication with customers from whom you have receivables.

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