Reading & Writing

Connotations - Definition & Types with Examples

Connotations are meanings and interpretations that do not particularly associate with the literal meaning

Metaphor vs. Analogy - What's the difference?

A metaphor points out the similarity between two things through the direct comparison without alluding

Simile vs. Metaphor - Know the Difference

Simile is the rhetorical device used to draw a comparison between two far-fetched entities by using the

Oxymoron: Definition, Types & Examples

Oxymoron is a figure of speech that is mostly used in literary language to create uncanny contrast between

Paradox: Definition, Types and Examples

Paradox is a figure of speech that seems to lead to an illogical contradiction or a situation that contradicts

What is Antithesis? How to Use Antithesis with Examples

Antithesis is a figure of speech that juxtaposes two contrasting ideas.

Inductive VS Deductive Teaching

The inductive method is where the examples are served first and the learner has the responsibility to

What is Anecdotes? Use Anecdotes, Quotations and Quotes in Writing

Anecdotes are stories or tales told with regards to an already ongoing discussion. These stories can

Method of Proofreading

If writing is an art, proofreading is the final polish to it. There are a few ways better than others

Editing vs Proofreading: Compared and Explained

There is a tendency to mix up Editing and Proofreading but they are very different in nature from one

Types of Persuasive Writing

If you have ever had a debate, you must already know how to write an article that can persuade. You just

Types of Narrative Writing

Did you wonder why the newspaper that you read is different from the Pride and Prejudice you finished

Types of Expository Writing

This is the type of writing that explains, elucidates or simplifies. Newspaper articles, journals, even

Types of Descriptive Writing

A descriptive essay is an artistic writing form. Here, the writer has to write in such a way that it

Scanning & Skimming: Two Useful Reading Strategies

If you know how to skim and scan when you are reading, you won’t have to read everything thoroughly

Reading: A Skill to Develop

Reading is a receptive action which is one of the four basic skills of communicating in a language. It

Writing: A Skill to Develop

Writing is a skill which has no dead-end. Types of Writing: Writing can be of many types. According to

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