Ways to Say Goodbye

Bidding someone goodbye does not always have to sound exactly the same.

Other ways to say Interesting

There are more than one ways to express that something is interesting in one language. Having a broad

Other Ways to Say Because

We often look to remove the monotony from our everyday language use. Knowing a good number of synonyms

Advanced Personality Adjectives In English

Advanced adjectives are a set of adjectives that are advanced in nature in the sense that they are used

Whether or Wether – Differences with Examples

Wether is a Noun that is used to identify a male sheep or ram that has been castrated before reaching

Collocations: Definition and Types

Collocation indicates two or more words and word clusters that tend to pop up side by side more often

Synonyms and Antonyms to Enrich Vocabulary

Synonyms and antonyms can help enrich the vocabulary of the language learner in a quick pace if they

Learn New Words With Vocabulary Tree

Vocabulary tree is a visual organizer to learn/teach new words in a language.

How to Learn New Words and Does it Make You Smarter for Real?

By adopting the right method, it is not very hard to learn new words. Notice

Vocabulary - A Complete Guide to Improve your Word Memory

A vocabulary list is an irreplaceable tool for learning new vocabulary in bunches. Listing a set number

Frequently Confused Expressions in English

While learning English, non-native speakers suffer from confusion with closely pronounced words and nearly

'NICE' is not 'nice' ANYMORE: Anatomy of the word 'nice'

Nice had originally a negative meaning. It started coming to use with Latin nescius meaning ignorant.

50 Words That Make You Sound Smart

Label Versace gown or Tommy Hilfiger pants will make you look neat, no doubt on that. But if you have

25 TRENDING Words to UP Your Vocabulary

Well, if you are wondering why you sit at the cafeteria nodding to every comment everyone making, but

Vocabulary Vs Dictionary Vs Thesaurus

What is Vocabulary? Vocabulary is an intangible stock of words of a person or a community in a language.

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