Listening & Speaking

What is Homophones? Types of Homophones

Greek words - homos (meaning - same) and phōnḗ (meaning - utterance) join to make homophone or phonetically

Different Ways to Say "In Conclusion" with Examples

The concluding remarks always seem to leave a lasting impression on the listeners’ mind and there are

What is Pitch? Explained with Examples

Pitch is the vocal element that determines the accentuation and prominence of speech.

What is Intonation? Types of Intonation in Spoken English

The rise and fall of the vocal sound or tone in speech is intonation.

Ways to Improve Listening Skill

Independent study, classroom learning, and one-on-one practicing are all part and parcel of effective

Formal, Casual and Creative Ways to Say "Thank You"

"Thank you" is used nonstop to convey gratitude to anyone and everyone on a daily basis.

International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for Phonetic Pronunciation

The International Phonetic Alphabet can be utilized to improve pronunciations in any language.

Tongue Twisters - Significance in Spoken English

The tongue twisters are short phrases that are made out of similar sounds in different combinations that

All about Speaking as a Communicative Skill

Speaking is the skill that makes human beings different from and superior to the species of living beings.

All about Listening as a Communicative Skill

Listening is undoubtedly a skill that you must need for being able to communicate in a language. But

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