Different Ways to Say "In Conclusion" with Examples

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The concluding remarks always seem to leave a lasting impression on the listeners’ mind and there are more ways to start the concluding statements than mere "In conclusion". Sounding repetitive in such a crucial stage of the conversation cannot be a good idea. One can choose from the list below when it comes to saying “In conclusion” right before the closing statements - 

To sum up

To sum up, it has been an outstanding experience. 

All in all

All in all, we are ready to hit the road right away. 

All in all, the full credit goes to our selectors or forming a first-class team that doesn’t lack motivation.

In summary

In summary, this has been the best summer camp ever. 

To conclude

To conclude, my weekend is absolutely packed and I am unable to join the group. 

To conclude, we must find our way back to nature if we need a healthy balance in our city life.

In closing

In closing, let me express my thanks to the listeners before I take my leave. 

In closing, let’s revise what points we have been making all morning.

Finally, it may be concluded…

Finally, it may be concluded that we have lost contact during our college years.

To summarize

To summarize, you’ve been a great help and I appreciate it very very much.

Overall, it may be said…

Overall, it may be said that he is a great listener.


Overall, we had a lot of fun doing the month-long project.

Taking everything into account

Taking everything into account, it was the only feasible way out.

On the whole

On the whole, it was more about picking the right words.

All things considered

All things considered, she’s never been as straightforward as it is right now. 

In sum

In sum, keeping the team spirit high was our top priority.

 In sum, shutting out the sunlight completely for an extended period can result in vitamin D deficiency.

Everything considered

Everything considered it was more like a search party than an excursion.

By and large

Charities, by and large, are not subjected to taxation.

In the end

In the end, what really matters is the way you treat people.

In a nutshell

In a nutshell, we’ve been trying to reach you day and night.

In a nutshell, fruits and veggies cannot possibly be replaced in our diet charts.

In general

In general, the trick is to always be up for learning new things.

In general, oranges are full of antioxidants and they are great for the skin as well as our metabolism.

As a conclusion,

As a conclusion, we need to take a look at what we achieve in the set timeline.

As a conclusion, looking out the window can help you find some greenery to assist your eyesight.

In the long run

The bigger picture has to be considered in the long run.

In the long run, we must seek a good work-life balance in life for our sanity’s sake.


Finally, there is this setting spray to ensure that your makeup stays in place.

Finally, most of us are obliged to stare at the computer screen for 8+ hours at work.

In total

In total, we had a great time losing ourselves in nature.

In total, people hanker after money all their life to put a secure roof over their head.

On a final note

On a final note, the bunking class was all the thrill and fun we required back then.

On a final note, you can come to me anytime should you need any help completing your application.

To finish with

To finish with the speech, I’d like to remember our devoted staff, past and present.

To finish with tonight's endeavours, let’s rejoice at this moment that connects us.

In brief

In brief, the team had been overly focused on the project at hand and had no time to worry about anything else.

In brief, I will look forward to your emails in the coming months.

As a matter of fact

As a matter of fact, she did mention you a few times last time I saw her.

As a matter of fact, we should not fall short of perfection with all the assistance we are blessed with.


Lastly, the trip is sponsored by none other than the CEO of our company.

Lastly, I should take my leave right away given the fact that I’m paid on an hourly basis.

Last but not least

Last but not least, this is my younger brother who is doing his MBA at Harvard.

In short

In short, my life has turned upside down in the past four years that we had lost touch.

Simply put

Simply put, this year has been my most accomplished one by far.

Generally speaking

Generally speaking, we have had a great few days trying to reconnect with our inner child.


Altogether, this event has been a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Principally, our transportation cost has suddenly shot up after the price hike last week.

In the long term

In the long term, our company is looking to expand to a few more cities around the globe.


Ultimately, this year will be marked as the COVID-19 vaccine year.


Indeed, all twenty of us are in on the plan to bunk classes today.

To close up

To close up my talk tonight, let’s keep a one-minute silence for the bushfire victims.


Finalized, this TV series has been rather wild in nature.


Considering the time is limited, we must conclude our cultural performances very soon.

At large

At large, the organization had arranged this event with a view to changing a few lives at a time.

In the final stages

In the final stages of the tournament, the team started questioning every decision of the management as they lost faith in the system.

For all intents and purposes

For all intents and purposes, we all have achieved a great feat.

In short,…

In short, the lockdowns have affected my business a great deal.

After all, I’m done.

After all, I’m done looking through all the possible outcomes.

All circumstances considered,…

All circumstances considered, quitting the project midway seems like the best decision.


Therefore, I have stayed obliged to help out in any way possible.

As a final observation

As a final observation, one must not lean too heavily on automation.

At the end of the day

At the end of the day, we all need time to rewind and refocus in our own fashion.

To summarize briefly

To summarize briefly, the annual sports event has been the biggest attraction of the year.

Lifting the back

Lifting the back, we have been very agile and upright.

Considering all this

Considering all this, there must be a good system in place for ensuring long-term success.

Everything considered

Everything considered, we have found the best possible partner to accompany us.

Simply put

Simply put, writing business letters day in day out cannot be an easy task.

In integration,…

In integration, we have done an amazing job listing every little correspondence.

At last

At last, our jobs have become monumentally harder all of a sudden.

In essence

In essence, the service of the airline hasn’t improved one bit.

Under review

Under review, there has been a new development in the Dhaka Stock Exchange.

In the end

In the end, I was the only one waiting in the rain.

The bottom line is

The bottom line is we just love the Summer vacation.

The conclusion is

The conclusion is he tends to distance himself every now and then.

Obviously, through

Obviously, through the conference, we enjoyed each other's company this evening.

Last but not least

Last but not least, we loved our first tour abroad after the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted.

The last point

The last point is we love our country no matter what.

On the whole

On the whole, our office space has gone through an extreme makeover.

In general, it can be said that

In general, it can be said that the respect is mutual and we enjoy each other's company.

Add up

Add up, I cannot wait to come back to see you next year.

With this in mind

With this in mind, the night must carry on and become one that we all remember for a long time.

Briefly explaining

Briefly explaining, the first three points may please you but the last ten most definitely won’t.

Speaking of the point

Speaking of the point, it's easy to get distracted but that cannot be a very good sign.

To end everything

To end everything, our restaurant welcomes people from every walk of life having versatile pallets.

To make a long story short

To make a long story short, it was unimaginable that each and everyone of us could climb all those stairs.

To put it bluntly…

To put it bluntly, I could not continue making the same mistakes any longer.

To sum up

To sum up, I was ready to put my life on the line for my family.

To summarize the points above

To summarize the points above, people must take a careful look at what they are eating.

To wrap it all up

To wrap it all up, the run-up to the nearest mountain to seek help right now before the shops close for the night.


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