Examples of Adjectives as a Part of Speech

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“An adjective is a word used to qualify a noun or a pronoun.” – J.C. Nesfield

Every word that modifies a noun is an adjective. Adjectives make changes in our perception of the nouns.


  • Ramon has always been a Marxist.
  • I don’t believe in platonic love. 
  • Jocasta was a Serbian player. 
  • Japanese products are reliable.
  • If you do not understand the Kantian ethics, you can come to me.
  • I have a grammar book on my desk.
  • We used to have an old car. 
  • He brought an expensive mirror for me.
  • She gave me some gorgeous red roses. 
  • He wanted to buy a diamond ring. 
  • These mangoes are not edible anymore.  
  • He can’t forget that incident. 
  • My computer became slow.
  • Our father asked us to be together always.
  • Your bike has been stolen from here.
  • Alex bought an exquisite diamond ring.
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