Examples of Adverbs as a Part of Speech

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“An adverb is a word used to qualify a Part of Speech except a noun or pronoun.” – C. Nesfield

“An adverb is a word which modifies the meaning of a Verb, an Adjective, or another Adverb.” – Wren & Martin

Adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs of the same sentence. Adverbs can also modify a whole sentence, clause, or phrase. However, adverbs do not modify noun clause or noun phrase.

Examples of Adverbs:

  • It is situated in Stockholm.
  • I did not go there with her because I must attend a meeting here.
  • He does not talk loudly to the person he respects.
  • Alisha always behaves gently with her elders.
  • I opened the door hurriedly.
  • I saw you standing there exhaustingly.
  • You needed someone badly to hold your hand.
  • I ran to you when I was lonely.
  • Before that, I was playing tennis on the lawn.
  • She woke me up at around 9.45 AM but did not stay for long.
  • Now I am going to her home.
  • I wanted to go tomorrow but then I thought it would be better if I go today.
  • When I reached her home, she was not there at that moment.
  • But he is not doing well in the practice matches.
  • He wants to completely devote all his effort to batting.
  • He has the ability to come back strongly.
  • When he stays in good form, he plays wonderfully.
  • But I never went to America in my life.
  • Although my father always tells me to do so I seldom go to the church.
  • We go out to watch a movie every Saturday evening.
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