Examples of Conjunction as a Part of Speech

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Definition of Conjunction:

A conjunction is a word for joining (1) one word to another word, (2) one word to a clause, (3) one clause to another clause, and (4) one phrase to another phrase.

Examples of Conjunction as a Part of Speech:

  • Sam and John came to me yesterday for planning a trip.
  • We had a meeting and then left for the trip.
  • When we were arguing about the place we wanted to go, our plan was revealed to my wife.
  • We did not want her to know because we felt that she would not feel good about it.
  • She always wants to travel with us but we were planning a bachelor party.
  • A bachelor trip is an amazing experience if you can manage the cost of it.
  • The cost of bachelor trips is not always about money but every other aspect of life.
  • However, I proposed that we go to Italy but Sam insisted that we go to Spain.
  • We had a fierce argument about it and finally, we decided to go to Greece.
  • Greece was the choice of John and we could not argue anymore.
  • I was excited about Greece because I was interested in Greek mythology and literature.
  • Though Sam whined for an hour or two, eventually he became so excited about the trip that he could not wait anymore.
  • It was tough for me to manage my wife but I was successful.
  • Sam, John, and I bought three luxury tickets to Greece.
  • We left home early and waited at the airport for a while.
  • Suddenly Sam shouted and said that he forgot to bring his passport.
  • We were furious and could not even believe that he could be so careless.
  • We had only 15 minutes but it would take at least 30 minutes to return home and come back to the airport.
  • If someone could bring the passport from Sam’s home, we might still have a chance to catch the flight.     
  • But there was no one in his home and we had no other option but to miss the flight.
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