Examples of Interrogative Sentence

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Definition of Interrogative Sentence:

The sentence which asks a question is an interrogative sentence. This kind of sentence usually ends with a note of interrogation (?) instead of a period (.). An interrogative sentence can be either affirmative or negative.


  • Do you want to go there?
  • Did you see her?
  • Have you watched the movie?
  • How often do you go there?
  • Have you been there before?
  • Can you help me get rid of this dog?
  • Can I borrow your grammar book for a day?
  • Could you please help me with these bags?
  • Do you know who she is?
  • Did you make a plan?
  • How did you make that water-mark?
  • How often you go to a bar?
  • How many times do you smoke?
  • Does he know that I am here?
  • Does she love you as the way you do?
  • Does he care about us?
  • Why did he leave us then?
  • Who is that man seating in the corner?
  • How on earth did you think about me in that way?
  • Will you please open the door for me?
  • Would you like a beer?
  • Can’t we be friends again?
  • Why haven’t you completed your homework?
  • Don’t you know who she is?
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