Examples of Preposition of Place and Direction

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Examples of Preposition of Place and Direction:

  • Jackson used to live in Uruguay.
  • Then he moved to Europe and started living in Italy.
  • Now he lives in Rome at 3/13 Martin Street.
  • He has four gadgets on his desk.
  • The moon is shining above our head.
  • My umbrella is over her head.
  • Look at the bed sheet.
  • The scar below my knee is horrible.
  • Alex went to Italy from England.
  • The teacher came into the classroom and the students were elated.
  • Will you please keep your nose out of this issue?
  • He managed to escape through a secret passage.
  • I was standing beside the car which belonged to Alex.
  • He was standing in front of my house for a long time.
  • Take ten steps towards the pond.
  • I bought a house beside the river.
  • Roberto is going to Finland.
  • Many people live in the countryside.
  • The dog jumped on the cat.
  • Where did the piper come from?
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