Examples of Pronoun as a Part of Speech

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Definition of Pronoun:

“Pronoun means for – a noun.”    - Wren & Martin

“A pronoun is a word used instead of a noun-equivalent.”     - Nesfield

A pronoun is a simpler common name for a noun.

Example of Pronoun as a Part of Speech:

  • She loved her children.
  • But she could not love her husband.
  • People of the city were afraid of her.
  • They prayed for the well-being of their king.
  • But they did not do the same for their queen.
  • The queen was not loved and she knew it.
  • It did not hurt her a lot.
  • He made him the most powerful man in the seven kingdoms.
  • People loved him so much.
  • He also loved them and cared about them.
  • It made him very popular.
  • They got their meals. What about ours?  
  • Can I borrow your pen? I lost mine.
  • Why are you using my phone? Where is yours?
  • I don’t need your help where I can do it myself.
  • I cut myself when I was shaving.
  • She blames herself for that incident.
  • Don’t hurt yourself by playing carelessly.
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