Examples of The Indicative Mood

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Definition of The Indicative Mood:

An indicative mood is a form of the verb that either indicates to a fact or denies a fact.

Examples of The Indicative Mood:

  • Aric will attend the program.
  • Alex will not come to the meeting.
  • Andrew is sure about this matter.
  • I am going to discuss it.
  • I love to listen to melodious songs.
  • I performed in the musical drama.
  • Everyone appreciated my performance.
  • Merry did not do this task.
  • Bob is not interested to watch the movie.
  • I will show you how to do the task.
  • The movie was excellent.
  • Peter is very excited to see you.
  • Alana does not know him.
  • Lisa is designing the poster.
  • Albert is preparing the assignment.
  • Dana will not be able to cook the meal today.
  • I am ready to go to the concert.
  • I am writing a poem.
  • I will sing songs in the program.
  • Adam is not perfect for this job.
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