Examples of The Subjunctive Mood

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Definition of The Subjunctive Mood:

A subjunctive mood is the form of a verb which is used to express a wish, or a desire, or a hope, or possibility, or a doubt, or uncertainty.

Examples of The Subjunctive Mood:

  • If I were in the program, I would sing the song.
  • I suggest that Lisa write the article.
  • I propose that Suzan be asked to perform in the program.
  • If I were in your place, I would not do it.
  • I suggest that Jack come here to solve it.
  • I propose that you be present at the meeting.
  • I doubt whether Aric would come.
  • If Denis were here, he could have done it.
  • If today were Friday, I could have attended the program.
  • I suggest that Merry come here.
  • I propose that Harry be asked to attend the party.
  • Anna doubts whether she could do it.
  • I suggest that Hanna sing the song.
  • I propose that Steve be asked to complete the project.
  • If we were in New Zealand, we would meet you.
  • Jeff doubts whether Alice would like it.
  • Jim wishes that all his friends would come.
  • I suggest that Robert attend the meeting.
  • I propose that Pam be asked to prepare the cake.
  • If Tom were here, he could have solved the issue.
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