Examples of The Unreal Conditionals

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Definition of The Unreal Conditionals:

These conditionals refer to hypothetical conditions which have no probability to happen in the past, present or future but express what could/ might have happened.

Examples of The Unreal Conditionals:

  • If I were in New York, I would meet you.
  • If I were rich, I would buy a luxury apartment.
  • Had you participated in the contest, you could have won the first prize.
  • Had John come to the office, he could have done the task.
  • Had we reached on time, we could have met you.
  • If Jack had come here, I could have given him this book.
  • I could have helped you if you had asked me earlier.
  • If I were at the fair, I could have bought the book for you.
  • Had Aric come on time, he would not miss the flight.
  • Had I been there, I could have helped you.
  • If Jeff had practiced harder, he could have sung better.
  • If I had met you earlier, I could have told you the fact.
  • If I were the President, I would work for the peace of the world.
  • If I had the money, I could have helped you.
  • Had I been to the art gallery yesterday, I could have seen your painting.
  • Had I been to the concert, I could have enjoyed your performance.
  • Had Alex a little bit sensible, he could have understood it.
  • If Alice had come here, she could have talked to Jane.
  • Had you not been spendthrift, you could have saved some money for the rest of the month.
  • If I had a little more space on my phone, I could have downloaded the app.


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