Examples of The Vocative Case

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Definition of The Vocative Case:

The noun or pronoun which is used to address a person directly is called the vocative case.

Examples of The Vocative Case:

  • Robin, are you coming to the concert?
  • Jim, are you serious?
  • Alice, come here.
  • You, get out of the class.
  • Tom, are you leaving?
  • Ann, please take your seat.
  • Aric, go to the meeting.
  • Suzan, think about it again.
  • Jeff, prepare the plan.
  • You, please leave the place.
  • Jenn, please be careful.
  • Sam, look out!
  • Lisa, well done!
  • Bob, show him the way to the Chairman’s room.
  • Robert, are you acting in this movie?
  • Richard, are you performing in the program?
  • April, are you going to the picnic?
  • Rick, meet him now.
  • Anny, I am talking to you.
  • Pam, is anything wrong?


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