Examples of Verbs as a Part of Speech

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Definition of Verb:

“A verb is a word used for saying something about person or thing” - C. Nesfield

“A verb is a word that tells or assert something about a person or thing.” – Wren & Martin 

A word that indicates an action or a state of being by a subject is called a verb.

Examples of Verbs as a Part of Speech:

  • Alberto was making a sketch.
  • When Alex came here, I was having my brunch.
  • After coming here, Juan prepared lunch for us.
  • Russev could not do it since he caught a cold last night.
  • He bought some medicine yesterday but did not take them without doctor’s confirmation.
  • Though we often failed each other, we are happy.
  • We spend a great amount of time together and we want to do it forever.
  • Don’t just sit there idly when you should take the first move.
  • He was lying on the bed when we were having fun in the club.
  • Don’t lie when someone asks you a serious question.
  • The lobsters seemed delicious but we could eat that.
  • He looked pale yesterday but he is glowing today.
  • It appears to be a big stone.
  • He has some very important works to do.
  • They remained behind as the rest of the players went ahead.
  • It is not wise to drive down this slippery road.
  • They are ready to play now.
  • She felt it difficult to comprehend.
  • You need a sound sleep to calm yourself down.
  • I know that you can cook well.
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