Ways to say - I am busy

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I am busy - Ways to say

It is an everyday verse to say "I am busy" but having a broad vocabulary can do wonders when it comes to bringing variety in language use and not repeating oneself over and again. There are ways to say “I am busy” other than using these exact words. It becomes necessary to not let the repetitiveness take away from the effectiveness of the words. 

Phrases Examples
Lots to do I have lots to do.
Swamped I am absolutely swamped.
Up to one’s neck I am up to my neck.
Up to one’s ears I am up to my ears this entire week.
Tied up I’m very much tied up this month; let’s meet next month.
Agenda or diary is full Sorry, my agenda/diary is full right now.
Buried with work I’m completely buried with work; please, call me next week.
Occupied I’m very occupied with my new start-up at this moment.
Overloaded I would love to volunteer but I’m so overloaded at work right now.
Overstretched I’m overstretched with professional and personal responsibilities.
Over-extended I’m over-extended to my absolute limit.
Enough on one’s plate I have enough on my plate right this moment.
Snowed under I’ve been snowed under the whole month.
Bigger fish to fry I have a bigger fish to fry today, remind me tomorrow.
Other priorities I have other priorities, sorry.
Slammed I’m absolutely slammed with work.
All booked up I’m all booked up this fortnight.
Have a lot going on I have had a hell of a lot going on this past month or so.
Can’t take any more on I just cannot take any more on this week; we must reschedule it for next week.
Stressed I’m horribly stressed.



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