Verbs followed by Gerunds

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There is a rule for right forms of the verbs which asserts that two finite verbs cannot come consecutively. The later one must be transformed into a non-finite verb. The non-finite verbs are gerunds, participles, and infinitives. However, some finite verbs are always followed by the gerunds; some are always followed by the infinitives; others are followed by either gerunds or infinitives.

Verbs That Are Always Followed by the Gerunds:

The following list of verbs must be followed by an infinitive; not any other kinds of non-finite verbs.






Incorrect: I suggest to go to the cinema.
Correct:  I suggest going to the cinema.
Incorrect: He risked to come to meet me at my home.  
Correct: He risked coming to meet me at my house.
Incorrect: I did not delay to give her my number.
Correct: I did not delay giving her my number.
Incorrect: He enjoyed to work with the president.
Correct: He enjoyed working with the president.
Incorrect: John resumed to stay in that hotel.
Correct: John resumed staying in that hotel.
Incorrect: I avoided to talk with her.
Correct: I avoided talking with her.
Incorrect: I quit to go there.
Correct: I quit going there.
Incorrect: He considered to leave this town.  
Correct: He considered leaving this town.
Incorrect: He minds to bring the keys for me.
Correct: He minds bringing the keys for me. 
Incorrect: My father postponed to go to the pilgrimage.
Correct: My father postponed going to the pilgrimage.
Incorrect: He misses to use the smartphone.
Correct: He misses using the smartphone.
Incorrect: My cat cannot resist to sleep when I caress it.
Correct: My cat cannot resist sleeping when I caress it. 
Incorrect: I appreciate to reach anywhere on time.
Correct: I appreciate reaching anywhere on time.
Incorrect: He denies to be the best batsman in the team.
Correct: He denies being the best batsman in the team.
Incorrect: He enjoys to sleep late.
Correct: He enjoys sleeping late.
Incorrect: I have admitted to quit the job.
Correct: I have admitted quitting the job. 
Incorrect: He recalls to go to Alaska.
Correct: He recalls going to Alaska.
Incorrect: He suggested to start the journey earlier.
Correct: He suggested starting the journey earlier.
Incorrect: Alex risked to enter the cave.
Correct: Alex risked entering the cave but he failed.
Incorrect: Robert enjoyed to rule all the seven kingdoms.
Correct: Robert enjoyed ruling all the seven kingdoms.
Incorrect: He resents to invade other kingdoms. 
Correct: He resents invading other kingdoms.
Incorrect: He finished to triumph every war.
Correct: He finished triumphing every war.
Incorrect: He appreciates to win the hearts of the people.
Correct: He appreciates winning the hearts of the people.
Incorrect: I finished to travel with him.
Correct: I finished traveling with him.
Incorrect: The students reported to have troubles with their tasks.
Correct: The students reported having troubles with their tasks.
Incorrect: I practice to throw the spear in the morning.
Correct: I practice throwing the spear in the morning.


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