Examples of Optative Sentence & Exclamatory Sentence

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Definition of Optative Sentence:

The sentence which expresses a prayer, keen wish, curse etc. is called an optative sentence. This kind of sentence generally starts with ‘may’ and ‘wish’. Sometimes, ‘may’ remains hidden.

Examples of Optative Sentence:

  • May the king of Westeros live long!
  • Long live the king of Westeros.
  • May you two live long enough to see your grandchildren!
  • May God bless us all.
  • May you become successful enough to buy love!
  • May the almighty help in this tragedy!
  • Wish you a very successful married life.
  • Wish you a happy journey together.
  • May your team win the match!

Definition of Exclamatory Sentence:

The sentence which expresses a sudden and intense excitement, disgust, admiration, shock, or sorrow, etc. is called an exclamatory sentence. This kind of sentence must have a note of exclamation (!) at the end or in the middle of the sentence.

Example of Exclamatory Sentence:

  • Hey! Don’t touch my phone.
  • Alas! I could not be at her funeral.
  • Hush! Your father is sleeping.
  • What a boring day!
  • How disgusting it becomes when he opens his mouth!
  • What a nice car you have!
  • What a plunge!
  • How gorgeous the dress is!
  • Hurrah! We are going to Miami.
  • How blessed I am to see such a sight!
  • What beautiful country it is!
  • How fluently the lady talks in French!
  • What a pity! You can’t join us.
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