Examples of Past Participles as Adjectives

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Past Participles as Non-finite Verbs:

Past participle form of the verb cannot work as a finite verb without an auxiliary verb. When a past participle comes without an auxiliary verb, it generally works as an adjective in the sentence.

Examples of Past Participles as Adjectives:

  • Albert always wears a broken hair-band.
  • I have a colored calendar on my desk.
  • We ate a lot of roasted meat.
  • I do not drink boiled water because of its weird taste.
  • Robert is the most wanted player on the team.
  • The frightened boy jumped over the wall.
  • I am not amused by your funny behaviors.
  • I have completed the given task.
  • Can you show me a drunk monk?  
  • I have a written document of this case.
  • Give me those folded pages.
  • Alan is a spoilt son of his parents.
  • The confused girl decided to take a helpline.
  • The crowned prince is promising.
  • He found some buried treasures in the castle.
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