Examples of Present Participles as Adjectives

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Present Participles as Non-finite Verbs:

When a verb (base form) + ing is used as the adjectives in sentences, it is called a present participle. When it works as a noun in a sentence, it becomes a gerund, and when it comes with a ‘be’ verb to indicate continuous tense, it works as a finite verb and loses the feature to be a participle.

Examples Present Participles as Adjectives:

  • Don’t try to catch a running bus.
  • A flying bird is more watchful than a sitting bird.
  • He saw a sleeping cat yesterday.
  • I respect the working disabled people.
  • Alex saw a spider creating its trap.
  • He also a fly flying into the trap.
  • Please, save the burning house as quickly as possible.
  • Give me the glowing marble.
  • I don’t want to create a confusing situation.
  • Mandala gave an inspiring speech in 1990. 
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