Examples of The Conditional Mood

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Definition of The Conditional Mood

A conditional mood is the form of a verb which is used to make requests or expression of under what condition something would happen. It uses helping or auxiliary verbs such as, might, would, should and could. Sometimes it is connected to a clause which is in the subjunctive mood.

Examples of The Conditional Mood:

  • Lisa might be able to solve the issue if she comes earlier.
  • I would like a cup of coffee, please.
  • If you were here, you could have done it.
  • If I were in Tokyo, I would meet my friend.
  • If Jim had come here, I could have given him the pen.
  • Had Jane participated in the contest, she could have won the first prize.
  • Had you come to the office, you could have done the task.
  • I would like a glass of orange juice, please.
  • I might be able to attend the program if I can finish my work earlier.
  • Had I been there, I could have helped you.
  • If Rick had performed better, he could have won the first prize.
  • If John is not at the office, he might be outside.
  • If you want to attend the class, you should start now.
  • If you want to obtain good marks, you should study hard.
  • Had Aric started on time from home, he would not miss the flight.
  • If Martin had studied well, he would not get such poor marks.
  • I would like a chocolate cone with nuts.
  • Had Richard not wasted so much time, he could have finished the project on time.
  • Had I seen you at the program, I could have talked to you.
  • Bob might be able to meet Anna if he comes now.


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