Other Ways to Say Because

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We often look to remove the monotony from our everyday language use. Using the same set of words means using the same grammatical structure in sentences and that can definitely be repetitive. Knowing a good number of synonyms can help clear the monotony.

Phrases Examples
Now that Now that we are happy to contribute, let’s not waste any time.
Considering that Considering that we hardly get days off all year, we must make a good use of the year-end vacation.
As long as You will not go there as long as I allow it.
Being as Reese drove you everywhere being as she is a supportive big sister.
Due to Fia is stressed due to her excessive workload.
Inasmuch as He plans to finish revising all the chapters inasmuch as the exam is knocking at the door.
As a result of As a result of the price hike, we had to discontinue our running offers.
As I was willing to jump the gone as everyone was going at an annoyingly slow pace.
Since Since you have been trying so hard to make amends, I’ll forgive you.
For this reason For this reason it was a good idea to induce the guests with fruitful conversations to break the sleepiness.
As a consequence Dylan was angry as a consequence of the continued disrespect he had received from the company.
In a view of the fact that Roddrik was being rather generous in a view of the fact that they did not have much time left in the facility.
Seeing that I was willing to help seeing that you had too much on your plate.
Owing to The company will go out of business owing to the shortage of capital.

Ways to say because

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