English Grammar

Embedded Questions: Definition & Examples

An embedded question is a type of question which is included within another question or sentence. It

Dangling Modifiers: Definition & Examples

The word "dangling" refers to hanging or swinging loosely. And "modifier"

Comparatives: Structures & Examples

Comparisons indicate degrees of difference with adjectives and adverbs. Comparatives are the words that

Avoid Redundancy to Improve Your Writing

Redundancy means repetition of the same meaningful words in a single sentence. It is an unnecessary part

Affirmative and Negative Agreement

We use different words and rules to avoid unnecessary repetition of words which is known as Affirmative

Correct Use of "Sequence of Tense" in Writing

The sequence of tense implies when two clauses make up a sentence the tense of the subordinate verb is

Uses of Direct & Indirect Object

An object is a noun or pronoun that gives meaning to the subject and the verb in a sentence. It often

Verbs followed by Infinitives

Finite verbs are always followed by the infinitives; some are always followed by the gerunds or present

Verbs followed by Gerunds

Some finite verbs are always followed by the gerunds; some are always followed by the infinitives; others

Causative Verbs : Structures & Examples

The causatives are the verbs that are used to indicate that one person causes another person to do something

Adjective followed by the Infinitives

Some adjectives are always followed by the infinitive form of the verb and never by the gerunds. It would

Antecedents of Pronoun

When a pronoun is used in a sentence, it must have a corresponding noun at the beginning before it was

Pronouns before the Gerunds & Infinitives

Both the infinitives and the gerunds can be both the subject and the complement of a sentence. When an

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