English Grammar

Passive Voice

In Passive Voice, the action comes into focus and the subject is often not mentioned. The events in the

Active Voice

Where the Action Verbs act directly for the Nouns/Pronouns, the sentence has an Active Voice. In the

Active Voice vs. Passive Voice - Learn the Different

Active Voices are sentences where the Action Verbs act directly for the Nouns/Pronouns. Passive Voices

Sympathy vs. Empathy - Remove the Confusion

Sympathy and Empathy are often used interchangeably in speech and write-ups.

Types of Questions: Open-ended and Closed-ended

Questions are one of the five types of sentences in English. It is important to know how to correctly

What is Third Person in Grammar

There are three persons - First, Second and Third, in the English grammar and all three of them have

Infinitive: Definition and Types

An infinitive is a verb retaining its basic or root form while being used as an adjective, an adverb,

Independent Clause with Examples

Independent Clauses do not have to depend on any other clauses to stand as complete sentences.

Correct Use of Semicolons

The semicolon is a full stop sitting on a comma. Two complete sentences are joined with a semicolon.

Irreversible Binomials: Definition, Types with examples

Irreversible Binomials are word pairs that always situate themselves side by side while being used in

Singular They - Wrong or Right?

"They" is the third person plural pronoun in English. But there had been a cult move

Present Participle

Present Participle is a form of Verb ending with -ing and they express the continuous actions of the

Complex Sentence: Definition, Formation and More

Complex Sentences are at least two sentences joined together. One Independent Clause and at least one

Past Participle : Definition, Usages and Examples

Past Participle is the Verb form that is used in the Past Perfect tense which means they take their position

Complex vs Compound Sentences

Complex and Compound sentences can be very confusing mainly because of their names. “Complex” and

Linking Verbs: Definition, Examples and Lists

A verb shows the power of action, and it also can connect ideas. And these verbs are called "Linking

One VS You

If the word “one” is used in a sentence to refer to any particular person then the following pronoun

Subjunctive: Structures, Usage & Examples

The Subjunctive in English is the mood of a verb that always comes in the simple/base form. The subjunctive

Perfectives: Structures & Usage

Perfectives are the (have + past participle form of the verbs). Generally, perfectives are used with

Parallel Structure: Definition & Examples

Parallel structure refers to same word pattern within a sentence by repeating a chosen grammatical form.

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