English Grammar

Right Forms of Verbs: Rules with Examples

The right form of verb encompasses most of the grammatical rules of English language. Every element of

Present Tense: Definition, Structure & Examples

The present indefinite tense, also known as simple present tense, denotes a stative or habitual or eternally

Modal Auxiliaries

Modal verbs are a kind of auxiliary verb. They facilitate the main verb for suggesting potential, expectation,

Conditionals: Definition, Structure & Examples

Normally conditional sentences are called conditionals. These sentences usually contain the conjunction

Clauses: Definition, Types & Examples

A clause is comprised of a group of words which includes a subject and a finite verb. A clause contains

Rules of Using Articles with Examples

Using Indefinite Article: a & an. Rule 1: A common noun in the singular number

Article: Definition & Types

There is no doubt that articles are adjectives since they modify the nouns after them. But articles have

Prepositions of Time Usage

Use of common preposition of time such as On, at, in, from, to, for, since, ago, before, till/until,

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