Examples of Adverb of Manner

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Definition of Adverb of Manner:

A word that describes the manner of an action is called adverb of manner. It answers the question – How is the action carried out?

Examples of Adverb of Manner:

  • Drive the car fast if you want to catch the flight.
  • Drive the car slowly unless you want to die.
  • He always keeps himself busy.
  • He does not talk loudly to the person he respects.
  • Alisha always behaves gently with her elders.
  • I opened the door hurriedly.
  • I saw you standing there exhaustingly.
  • You needed someone badly to hold your hand.
  • I ran to you as I was so worried.
  • I held your hand so tightly that you could not be depressed anymore.
  • Robin is fully prepared for the test.
  • But he is not doing well in the practice matches.
  • He wants to completely devote all his effort to batting.
  • He has the ability to come back strongly.
  • When he stays in good form, he plays wonderfully.
  • Though sometimes he gets out poorly, he deeply regrets that.
  • He works hard to push his ability towards perfection.
  • He plays well naturally when he finds a tough opposition.
  • I eagerly wait to see his batting.
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