Examples of Adverb of Frequency

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Definition Adverb of Frequency:

A word that indicates how often an action occurs is called an adverb of frequency.

Examples of Adverb of Frequency:

  • I always wait for him but he does not even care.
  • Sometimes I get so angry that I cannot even talk to him.
  • Alex often goes abroad for official duties.
  • However, we also go to tours regularly.   
  • We go to Italy once a year.
  • I went to India many times before.
  • But I never went to America in my life.
  • Although my father always tells me to do so I seldom go to the church.
  • We go out to watch a movie every Saturday evening.
  • We rarely went to watch a play.
  • Plays are mostly boring.
  • Once I fell asleep in the theatre watching a play.
  • We travel once a month to refresh our minds.
  • We hardly get some free time.
  • Both of us have jobs and we have to go to work every day.
  • We frequently take leave from our jobs to go on the road trips.
  • We take a long vacation at least once annually.
  • We usually go shopping on Saturday mornings.
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