Examples of Adverb of Place

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Definition Adverb of Place:

A word that describes a place or position of an action is called adverb of time. It answers the question – Where is the action carried out?

Examples of Adverb of Place:

  • Alisha went to Sweden yesterday.
  • She will stay there for 5 days.
  • I booked a hotel room for her sitting here in my room.
  • She will stay at Hotel Travis.
  • It is situated in Stockholm.
  • I did not go there with her because I must attend a meeting here.
  • I work at Titan Corporation.
  • My office is at Central Park.
  • Central Park is situated in New York.
  • However, I stay at home most of the times.
  • I attend the meeting at my office.
  • I feel comfortable working at my home.
  • Recently I have been promoted.  
  • Sometimes I go abroad for work.
  • Alisha also went to many places with me.
  • But this time I could not go there with her.
  • Once we stayed in India for 30 days.
  • We visited Tajmahal in Agra.
  • We went to Kashmir and stayed there for 7 days.
  • Then we visited Darjeeling and stayed at the hotel named Guru Doyal.
  • We came back to America with many experiences.
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