Examples of Adverb of Time

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Definition of Adverb of Time:

A word that tells the time of an action is called adverb of time. It answers the question – When is the action carried out?

Examples of Adverb of Time:

  • Samantha came here yesterday.
  • She stayed for a while then left.
  • She came at around 9.30 AM.
  • I was sleeping then.
  • I slept late the previous night.
  • Before that, I was playing tennis on the lawn.
  • She woke me up at around 9.45 AM but did not stay for long.
  • Now I am going to her home.
  • I wanted to go tomorrow but then I thought it would be better if I go today.
  • When I reached her home, she was not there at that moment.
  • I waited for a few minutes.
  • Then I called her but her phone was switched off.
  • When I was about to come back, I got her on the phone.
  • She said she would be away for a while.
  • It would take an hour at least for her to come home.
  • She asked me if I could wait till she came back.
  • I said I could wait for her as long as she wanted.
  • She arrived home three hours later.
  • I was sitting in front of her door all that time.
  • I said I could wait for her as long as she wants, but I was bored after a few minutes.
  • I left her home in the afternoon.
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