Examples of Auxiliary Verb

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Definition of Auxiliary Verb:

Auxiliary verbs are the part of verbs which help a verb to be eligible as a verb in the sentence structure. ‘Be’ verbs and modals are generally regarded as the auxiliary verbs. ‘Do, did, and does also work as auxiliaries in negative and interrogative forms of the sentences. 

Examples of Auxiliary Verb:  

  • Alberto is writing a message to his girlfriend.
  • He is doing it for fixing a date for them.
  • Recently he has heard that a restaurant is offering a good deal for couples.
  • Instantly, he was excited and booked a table for them.
  • However, he should have consulted his girlfriend first.
  • His girlfriend did not know anything about it.
  • She had planned it another way.
  • Now he is convincing her to go with him.
  • But she is not listening to his bluffs.
  • I am going to make a trip to South Africa.
  • I have planned it just now.
  • I don’t want to waste this plan this time.
  • Didn’t I waste a lot of planned trips?
  • Has Emilia been planning to go on a trip to South Africa? 
  • Do you want to go with her or do you want to go alone?
  • I would not go with her even if I had no other options.
  • Moreover, I will not go to South Africa if she goes there.
  • I cannot really bear her creepy attitude.   
  • I must find an alternative place to go if she goes.
  • Does she know that she has become the most disgusting women in this world?
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