Examples of Case

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Definition of Case:

The grammatical association of nouns and pronouns to other words in a sentence is defined as the case.

Examples of Case in Sentences:

  • Jack is going to the varsity.
  • He is going to the varsity.
  • He is a doctor.
  • This is Jim’s book.
  • This is his book.
  • I helped Ann.
  • I helped her.
  • Rock, are you coming to the concert?
  • You, come here.
  • Lisa is completing the project.
  • Suzan will perform in the program.
  • The teacher teaches Paul.
  • The doctor is examining the patient.
  • The police will solve this case.
  • Peter, are you going home?
  • Samantha will not come.
  • She is a lawyer.
  • Pam is writing a letter.
  • Richard is singing a song.
  • Sam will come tomorrow.

Types of Case:

In English, there are mainly four types of cases:

1. The Subjective Case or Nominative Case

2. The Possessive Case or Genitive Case

3. The Objective Case or Accusative Case or Dative Case

4. The Vocative Case

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