Examples of Conditionals

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Definition of Conditionals:

Generally, conditional refers to conditional sentences. The conjunction “If” is mostly present in these sentences.

Examples of Conditionals:

  • If I go to the varsity, I will collect the certificate.
  • If I can finish my work, I will meet you.
  • If it is possible on my part, I will perform in the program.
  • If you can go to the fair, please bring the book of my favorite writer.
  • If you can win the first prize, I will give you a treat.
  • If I were the President, I would try harder to stop corruption.
  • If I were rich, I would buy a brand new car.
  • If you come here, meet with me.
  • Had I seen you at the fair, I could have talked to you.
  • I could have done the work if I had more time.
  • If Jeff had performed better, he could have won the first prize.
  • Had I reached earlier, I could have done the class.
  • Had Alice worked harder, she could have stood first.
  • If I had come on time, I could have attended the meeting.
  • If Jane came earlier, she could have met you.
  • Had I not missed the train, I could have reached home earlier.
  • Had Ben not wasted so much time, he could have completed the project.
  • Had I been there, I could have given the speech.
  • If Dana knew me, she could have told me the fact.
  • If I had the money, I could have given to you.

Types of Conditionals:

Mainly there are two types of conditionals:

  • The Real Conditionals and
  • The Unreal Conditionals.


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