Examples of Coordinating Conjunctions

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Definition of Coordinating Conjunction:

A conjunction which makes a connection between two parallel words, two parallel phrases, or independent clauses is called a coordinating conjunction. The coordinating conjunctions are and, but, or, as well as, for, so, yet, etc.

Examples of Coordinating Conjunction:

  • Alex stood first and got a prize.
  • Robin and Russel went the beach.
  • Sleep now or you will miss the class tomorrow.
  • Robin did not try hard so he did not succeed.
  • He is sad but not broken.
  • Rita, as well as Shaun, came here yesterday.
  • Shaun played well still he lost.
  • Play up to your potential otherwise, you will be left out of the team.
  • Watson and Warner are in good form.
  • Alex is in good form but Robin is not.
  • Life is full of troubles yet none wants to die.
  • She and I broke up at least a year ago.
  • Sean, as well as Nikita, will go with us.
  • She is quick and she reads clearly.
  • She is clever but her boyfriend is cleverer.
  • I went to bed for I was feeling exhausted.
  • I was sleeping and you made a lot of noises.
  • I told you but you did not listen.
  • You must listen to me or you must leave.
  • I will not say anything otherwise you might misunderstand me.
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