Examples of Gerund

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When a present participle comes without an auxiliary verb and works as a noun in the sentence, it is called a gerund.

Examples of Gerund:

  • Russow admitted stealing the necklace.
  • We enjoyed seeing each other after a long time.
  • Don’t risk attempting that move until you are fit.
  • I have considered buying that phone.
  • Michel reported seeing the culprits.
  • Shaun gave up smoking a few years ago.
  • Marshal insisted on taking the bus instead of the train.
  • Walking is a habit you should develop from the beginning.
  • Running like a maniac will not solve any problem.
  • Sleeping in the afternoon is not healthy at all.
  • Stop worrying about tomorrow.
  • Start working today and your tomorrow will be easy.
  • Writing is an exercise we must perform regularly to do better.
  • Reading is a habit we should build in the early stage of our life.
  • Careful listening is a mandatory duty of a detective.  
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