Examples of Infinitives

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To + verb in the base form --- can be used in a sentence as a noun, an adjective, or an adverb.

Examples of Infinitives as Nouns: 

  • To eat more fruits daily is the first thing you should do.
  • To walk in the morning is a good habit.
  • To watch a movie every day is rational and redeeming.
  • To stop the car suddenly cannot be a good move.
  • To cheat in the exam is not uncommon nowadays.
  • To sleep early is the only thing I told you to do.
  • To walk in the middle of the road is not safe at all.
  • To swim in the lake at this time of the year is a heavenly experience.
  • To cry in the public place is embarrassing.
  • To move forward is the one rule a successful person follows.
  • Doctor forbade me to eat fat.
  • He wants to go to Uganda tomorrow.
  • He refused to look at the picture.
  • He agreed to go with Russel.
  • Shaun failed to complete the task in due time.
  • Mary learned to cook when she was 18.
  • They are preparing to leave as early as possible.
  • I would like to make a toast to our marriage.
  • He just pretended to love her.
  • We decided to go to South Africa next year.

Examples of Infinitives as Adjectives: 

  • The theatre is the place to go.
  • The road is the place to drive.
  • Titanic is the movie to watch.
  • I have some things to sell.
  • Samantha is the girl to love.
  • Republican is the party to vote.
  • Terrorists are the people to hate.
  • The movie to watch is Interstellar.
  • The girl to choose to be your girlfriend is Samantha.
  • Roses are the flowers to give to your loved ones. 

Examples of Infinitives as Adverbs: 

  • Moana is eager to see her family.
  • It is dangerous to drive on this slippery road.
  • We are ready to play now.
  • I felt it difficult to comprehend.
  • I needed a sound sleep to calm my mind.
  • It is good to know that you can cook as well.
  • We have become anxious to hear the results.
  • It is boring to sit all day long without having any work.
  • It was not easy to forget her but I did.
  • It is hard to say goodbye to someone you love. 
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