Examples of Interjections for Approval

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Definition of Interjections for Approval:

Interjections for approval express an intense approval on something that has occurred.

Examples of Interjections for Approval

  • Bravo! John has taken a wicket.
  • Well done! You have done a good job.
  • Brilliant! Your article is so helpful.
  • Splendid! I like your work.
  • Well done! You have got the highest marks.
  • Bravo! Richard has scored a goal.
  • Well done! You sang really well.
  • Yummy! The cake is so delicious.
  • Yummy! The pudding is really tasty.
  • Yummy! I loved your cooking.
  • Well done! Your design is beautiful.
  • Brilliant! Your plan is outstanding.
  • Bravo! Lisa has won the quiz contest.
  • Bravo! Jeff has stood first.
  • Bravo! Alice has got the highest marks.
  • Well done! You acted really well.
  • Brilliant! Your writing is flawless.
  • Well done! You painted really good.
  • Splendid! I like your design.
  • Bravo! Allen has become the highest scorer.


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