Examples of Interjections for Greeting

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Definition of Interjections for Greeting:

Interjections for greeting are used to greet any person.

Examples of Interjections for Greeting:

  • Hi! How is your health now?
  • Hello! How are you, Peter?
  • Hey! Where are you going?
  • Hi! How’s your business going on?
  • Hello! Is there anyone here?
  • Hey! You must be kidding.
  • Hello! Jack, after such a long time we have met.
  • Hey! Don’t be so hopeless.
  • Hey! Listen to me.
  • Hi! How’s everyone at home?
  • Hello! I am talking to you.
  • Hi! Are you new here?
  • Hey! Why are you so worried?
  • Hi! Come here.
  • Hello! What has brought you here?
  • Hey! Why are you feeling so helpless?
  • Hey! Don’t be so rude.
  • Hi! Have you done the assignment?
  • Hey! Are you going?
  • Hi! Take your sit.
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