Examples of Interjections for Grief/Pain

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Definition of Interjections for Grief/Pain:

Interjections for grief/pain express an intense sense of grief/ pain in any unfortunate event.

Examples of Interjections for Grief/Pain:

  • Ah! Our team lost the match.
  • Alas! John’s father died yesterday.
  • Ouch! I hurt my ankle.
  • What a pity! You have lost your tab.
  • Ah! Our plan has failed.
  • Ah! The project turned into a failure.
  • Ouch! I have hurt my knee.
  • Ouch! I have fallen down.
  • Ouch! I have hurt my toe.
  • Ouch! I hurt my wrist.
  • Ouch! I hurt my elbow.
  • Ah! The program was boring.
  • Ah! The plan did not work.
  • Oh! The story was really sad.
  • Oh! The man is so weak.
  • Oh! Two of our team members are sick.
  • Ah! Aric has broken his leg.
  • Alas! Andrew’s uncle died yesterday.
  • Ah! Allen has broken his hand.
  • Ah! Bob has met with an accident.


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