Examples of Interjections for Surprise

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Definition of Interjections for Surprise:

Interjections for surprise express an intense sense of surprise on the happening of something.

Examples of Interjections for Surprise:

  • What! You have broken the show-piece.
  • Eh! You have done a mess.
  • Ah! What have you done?
  • Oh! What a hot and humid day!
  • Hey! Are you sure about it?
  • Oh! What a glorious victory!
  • Oh! What a heavenly beautiful scenery!
  • Ah! You have done a blunder.
  • Eh! You have spoiled the dish.
  • What! You did not sit for the exam.
  • What! You are playing on the field now.
  • Hey! What have you done?
  • Oh! You shouldn’t have done it.
  • Oh! What will happen now?
  • Ah! John has spoiled our plan.
  • What! Ben is not coming.
  • Oh! The movie is too long.
  • Oh! Don’t say that you have done it.
  • What! Allen denied doing the task.
  • What! Albert is not performing.


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