Examples of Interrogative Adjective

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Definition of Interrogative Adjective:

A word that modifies a noun by asking a question is called interrogative adjectives.

Examples of Interrogative Adjective in Sentences:

  • Whose book was that?
  • Which pen do you like more?
  • What books are you buying today?
  • Which book on proofreading do you recommend?
  • Which team scored the higher in the last match?
  • Which player did get a fifty yesterday?
  • What recipe did you choose to make this dish?
  • Which bat is Watson’s?
  • Which song is Zara listening to?
  • What product did you order from there?
  • Which topics are more important for the discussion?
  • Whose pants did you wear?
  • Whose phone did you use when you talked to me?
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