Examples of Intransitive Verb

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Definition of Intransitive Verb:

A finite verb that does not need an object to make a complete sentence is called an intransitive verb.

Examples of Intransitive Verb:

  • A flock of birds is flying over our heads.
  • We laughed so hard that we could not talk for a few minutes.
  • We also sang a few songs though we were not good at it.
  • We smiled at each other for encouraging each other.
  • We wept together when one of us was in pain.
  • We slept together feeling the warmth of each other.
  • We went to many places together.
  • We stayed in Atlanta for many years.
  • Then we moved to Chicago for a better life.
  • We were young and we ran towards success.
  • We dreamt of many things together.
  • Though we could not reach our dreams, we are happy.
  • We walked a lot together and we want to do it forever.
  • Don’t just sit there idly.
  • I was lying on the bed when you were having fun in the club.
  • You should not lie when someone asks you a serious question.
  • The water level is rising day by day and it’s alarming.
  • We got up in the morning and prepared ourselves for the tour.
  • The river flows furiously in this time of the year.
  • I could not study last night because of this horrible weather.   
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