Examples of Linking Verb

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Definition of Linking Verb

linking verb is a finite verb which does not indicate any action rather describes the subject itself. It creates a link between the subject and the rest of the sentence.

Generally, linking verbs are the ‘be verbs’ working as the principle verb of the sentence.

Examples of Linking Verb

  • Alberto was a great philosopher.
  • He had many talents but he could not utilize them.
  • That dish seemed delicious but we could eat that.
  • You looked pale yesterday but you are glowing today.
  • It appears to be a broken piece of glass.
  • I am sorry that I will not be able to attend the ceremony tomorrow.
  • I have some very important works to do.
  • We remained behind as the rest of the players went ahead.
  • It sounds like a good idea to me.
  • You have become obsessed with that book lately.
  • The macaroni smells really good.
  • It also tastes good but you should eat not eat it too much.
  • He grew up in his village but now he stays in the city.
  • You have been always kind to me and I am grateful to you.
  • He had great ambitions but his efforts were not as good as his ambition.
  • Ambitions are good if your efforts are worthy.
  • Over-eating is one of the bad habits I have developed in this year.
  • He was the most consistent batsman of our team.
  • Now he is out of form.
  • I have an umbrella that opens with my fingerprint.


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