Examples of Mood

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Definition of Mood:

The mood is defined as a form of the verb which describes speaker’s attitude toward his/her saying. ‍S/he can state a fact, or ask a question, or express a command or request or even a desire. Another name of mood is mode or modality.

Examples of Mood:

  • Lisa is working very hard.
  • Dana will not do this work.
  • Jack liked the book very much.
  • Please don’t go there.
  • Can you come here?
  • Will you attend the program?
  • If I were there, I would watch the movie.
  • If Jeff had come earlier, he would watch the performance.
  • If you have time, come here to meet me.
  • Leave this place at once.
  • I am going to the Cineplex to watch the movie.
  • That place is very dangerous.
  • Have you gone crazy?
  • Try to do it as soon as possible.
  • I will help you to solve the problem.
  • Aric is very short-tempered.
  • Are you coming to attend the program?
  • Margarita was very happy to see her sister.
  • Can you imagine what will happen if she comes to know it?
  • Richard has decided to perform in the program.
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