Examples of Negation Using Negative Adjectives & Adverbs

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The following negative adjectives or adverbs are also used for negation:

Little, few, a little, a few, hardly, barely, scarcely, roughly, rarely, seldom etc.

Examples of Negation Using Negative Adjectives & Adverbs:

  • John had little hope of success in this project.
  • Few people will support you.
  • Robin was a little tired.
  • A few of the people were happy.
  • I have hardly seen John working so hard.
  • Barely we had reached the theatre when it started to rain.
  • Scarcely Jack had finished the speech when everyone started clapping.
  • We have roughly seen Tom attending any class.
  • We have rarely seen any singer like Richard.
  • Robin seldom comes here.
  • Bob is little stubborn.
  • Suzan is a little scared.
  • I have found few places like this.
  • There are few people like you.
  • Rick has hardly done any work.
  • Aric had rarely sung any song.
  • Alice had roughly attended any program.
  • Albert is a little exhausted.
  • Anna has a little courage to do it.
  • Allen had roughly read any of the books.


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