Examples of Past Perfect Continuous Tense

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Definition of Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Past Perfect Continuous Tense represents an ongoing action that started and continued for some time in the past. To indicate time reference “for” and “since” are used and it describes when the action started and how long it continued in the past.

Examples of Past Perfect Continuous Tense

  • I had been writing articles on various topics for three hours.
  • He had been reading different kinds of books since morning.
  • They had been playing football in that field before it started to rain.
  • Jane had been gossiping in the coffee shop for two hours.
  • Jeff had been studying in the library before he came to the class.
  • We had been shopping in that shop before we came home.
  • We had been watching a movie in this Cineplex for three hours.
  • You had been shopping in that market before you came home.
  • I had been singing different kinds of songs for an hour.
  • I had been listening to melodious songs for two hours.
  • Tom had been traveling around the world since the month of December.
  • They had been playing hockey on that field for three hours.
  • The poet had been writing romantic poems since morning.
  • The lyricist had been writing realistic songs since the beginning of his career.
  • Had you not been enjoying the concert for three hours?
  • I had not been watching the cricket match on television for two hours.
  • Richard had been practicing to sing the song since morning.
  • I had been helping him to do the task before I started the program.
  • We had been enjoying the program thoroughly for three hours.
  • I had been shopping with my elder brother in the fair since morning.


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