Examples of Quantifiers for Countable Nouns

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Definition of Quantifiers for countable nouns:

These quantifiers quantify only the countable nouns. These are few, many, a number of, several, etc.

 Examples of Quantifiers for countable nouns:

  • Jack mentioned few things during the discussion.
  • I bought many commodities from the fair.
  • A number of people supported Jim in the meeting.
  • Rick asked several questions.
  • Few people attended the program.
  • Tom traveled to many countries.
  • We visited many places during the vacation.
  • I liked a number of books in the book fair.
  • Alice had been to that place several times.
  • I have bought several dresses from this shop.
  • Many people liked this movie.
  • A number of people opposed this matter.
  • You have to remember few things.
  • Bob forbid Jim several times to go there.
  • Aric has many friends on the varsity.
  • Several issues were discussed in the meeting.
  • Ann has been living in this place for many years.
  • I have several works to do.
  • Suzan read few books on this topic.
  • I saw a number of guava trees in the garden.
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