Examples of Quantifiers for Uncountable Nouns

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Definition of Quantifiers for uncountable nouns:

These quantifiers quantify only the uncountable nouns.

Examples of Quantifiers for uncountable nouns:

  • Jeff is a bit tired.
  • Jim has much patience.
  • Alice had a little juice and nothing else.
  • We have much time to complete the project.
  • David has much experience.
  • Dana is a bit anxious.
  • Scaly is a bit busy.
  • Allen is much talented.
  • Alana was a little worried.
  • Give me a little water.
  • This film was much awaited.
  • Peter has much wealth.
  • Wait a bit! I am coming.
  • Jack is a bit worried.
  • Put a little salt in the curry.
  • There is a little water in the bottle.
  • You are looking a little exhausted.
  • Paul is much happy.
  • Tom has much power.
  • Be a little patient.
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