Examples of Quantitative Adjective

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Definition of Quantitative Adjective:

A word that modifies a noun by indicating a number/quantity is called a quantitative adjective. It can be either cardinal or ordinal number. 

Examples of Quantitative Adjective in Sentences:

  • He has 40 horses.
  • I have been standing here for three hours.
  • Four girls were expelled from the school.
  • The first boy failed in the last exam.
  • Not a single boy is in the classroom.
  • The Second World War still haunts some people.
  • There are 50 boys and 26 girls on this tour.
  • The forest has 2120 animals.
  • The fourth boy became first in the final exam.
  • He is doing it for 66th times now.
  • He ate half of my burger.
  • Albert roasted some chicken for his teammates.
  • Ron has many pens in his large bag.
  • John completed the whole task.
  • There is enough juice for my breakfast.
  • Little water is needed to make that pastry.
  • I do not have any chocolates in my bag.
  • I have sufficient money for shopping.
  • Most people are poor in this world.
  • A Few people are rich and they hold most of the wealth.
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